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Officially founded in 1984, Hui O ʻImiloa is a student group that provides students with a place to connect with each other, educate, and celebrate the unique history of Hawaiʻi and its culture. As a member organization of UCLA's Asian Pacific Coalition (APC) and supported by the Asian American Student Center, Hui O ʻImiloa is involved in various cross-cultural, social, and community events, sharing the beauty of the Hawaiian and local culture with its members, campus, and greater community. Hui O ʻImiloa continues its commitment to the Hawaiian community and culture through weekly general meetings and workshops such as hula, lei-making, and Hawaiian language. In addition, Hui O ʻImiloa's annual Lūʻau continues to inspire its participants and the community as it enters its 40th year. To learn more about Lūʻau, click here!

A "home away from home" for many UCLA Hawaiʻi students, Hui O ʻImiloa serves as a family for all and a bridge to our diverse cultural roots. Whether you are an incoming Bruin, a continuing student, or simply someone who is interested in learning more about the Hawaiian and local culture, Hui O ʻImiloa welcomes you to join the ʻohana!

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