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Hui O ʻImiloa's most celebrated event is our annual lūʻau. Every year, we come together and bring the Hawaiian spirit to UCLA. Our lūʻau consists of both student-choreographed pieces, and those taught by esteemed kumu hula Josh Chang. Attendance is free for all Bruins. Interested in being a performer? Check out our FAQs below.


Can anyone participate in lūʻau?
Yes, anyone can join! No matter what age, gender, or background, Hui O ʻImiloa welcomes all. Bring your friends!

Do I need to have experience?
No experience is necessary! Whether you are Miss Aloha Hula, or simply looking to learn, everyone is welcome!

When do practices start? On what days?
Lūʻau is typically scheduled in early May, so practices begin in Winter Quarter each year. Depending on what dances you participate in, practice dates vary. *For Lūʻau 2023-24, practices are every Sunday (Legacy Room at John Wooden Center) from 8-10pm!*

How much time commitment is needed?
As stated above, depending on how many dances you participate in, it can vary. However, each practice is only 1 -2 hours long, with a maximum of about 4-6 hours each week.

What type of dances do you teach? Who teaches them?
Each year, Josh Chang, the kumu hula of a celebrated hula hālau in Torrance, teaches Hui O ʻImiloa hula ʻauana and hula kahiko every year for our lūʻau for both kāne (men) and wāhine (women)!

Is there an ʻukulele portion of lūʻau?
Yes! Every lūʻau opens with an ʻukulele performance by our members. ʻUkulele practices are led by our music director. All levels of experience are welcome, and ʻukuleles are provided.

How much are dues?
Performers are expected to pay a one-time dancer due of $35.

How can I get started?
Join our email list, and we'll be sure to let you know when lūʻau practices begin! For Lūʻau 2023-34, please join our Hula 2023-24 GroupMe if you're interested!
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